Reactivate (2021)

"Reactivate" ties in seamlessly with Max' predecessor works and, like no other, manages to build a bridge between electronic music and progressive rock. Warm sound collages, powerful rhythm structures and monstrous guitar walls alternate and bring this atmospheric, dense music to the point.
released February 1, 2021

Green Fairy (2014)

Another 7 songs, another fairy tales about a green fairy. 7 progressive absinthe drinking songs. It's a very psychedelic album. You don't have to be drunk to hear it, but it helps immensely.

released October 1, 2014

Ultra (2010)

ULTRA is a symbiosis of the finest electronic music and hard n 'heavy guitar riffs. Unusual and never heard instrumentation, pulsating rhythms and psychedelic textures meet guitar walls and merge into a unity, with the unmistakable tone of the guitar, which makes itself heard with dreamlike melodies and is highly recognizable.
released October 1, 2010

Offroad (2006)

Offroad is a powerhouse! Nine "progressive psychoacoustic stories" of the next generation. The right food for your amplifiers and boxes. My recommendation: listen LOUD. The songs are not a mixture of well-known music styles - they are more! A new creation of progressive psychoacoustic moments and a dash of rock n 'roll! You will like it ...
released October 1, 2006

Authenticity (2005)

Another chapter has been written. Melodic and electrifying songs, guitars and electronics combined into an independent sound. Presented as always in an impressive way - authentic and powerful audiostuff without compromise ... - buckle up!

All Audio-CDs are sold out :-(.
released June 1, 2005

The Sequel (2003)

maxxess' second album from 2003 - The consequent continuation of the successful first work electrixx. Powerful guitars, varied arrangements and the skilful implementation of electronic music and rock music - all packed as usual in the usual powerful sound.
released May 1, 2003

Electrixx (2001)

maxxess' first album from 2001 - absolutely timeless. Sustained guitar lines, fast, concise guitar riffs far away from the usual guitar acrobatics are embedded in a mixture of New Age, Ethno, Rock and Industrial.
released April 1, 2001