What is maxxess?

maxxess is a oneman- live- and studioproject. The music is a symbiosis of filigran electronic music and hard n’ heavy guitarriffs. It’s progressive, it’s melodious, it’s psychedelic stuff and it's instrumental. Words not worth saying aren't worth singing either.

But: It’s not ordinary guitarmusic. Unusual and never heard instrumentings merged into a harmonious unit, as they would have been always one.

Check out the Media-Section an you know what I mean

About maxxess

I was born in 1962 in Bavaria & began playing guitar at age 12, inspired by the upcoming German rock scene. I first covered known rock bands, later I formed my own bands. I also became interested in electronic music, and 1980 I bought my first synthesizer to make my own electronic music (It was a Korg MS20). I recorded PingPong with two Tapedecks, it sounded noisy but very good. 1985 I won my first prize the 8th Annual ROLAND-Synthesizer-Tape-Contest in Japan. In 1987 I won the "White Waves Award" at the Frankfurt „White Waves“-Synthesizer music festival. My entry was a purely electronic composition. Two years later I won another prize with an instrumental piece in a contest organised by the magazine „Keyboards“. In the 90s I made a lot of Studiojobs as arranger and guitarist, but it was not my cup of tea, to make others poeple music. So I founded my own studio.

Towards the end of the 90s, I took the pseudonym „Maxxess“ to compose my own music and solo playing. Since then I made instrumental music through the use of electric guitar in addition to a mixture of synthesizers and electronic sounds. At first, I published some of my pieces on the web. Finally in 2001, the first CD ‚Electrixx‘, was released by my own label „Klangdesign Records“. I gave solo-concerts in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium.

In 2004 I was voted „Best Musician 2003“ by ‚Schwingungen‘, a German radio program for electronic music. The same year, a joint album (‚Contact‘) was released with electronic musician Axel Stupplich („Axess“) from the band ‚Pyramid Peak‘. I subsequently performed together frequently, both in Germany & at renowned electronics festivals in the UK and the Netherlands.

Since then I have released a lot of Solo-CDs, in 2015 I started a collaboration with my friends of Pyramid Peak to form a new band called ‚Pyramaxx. We released two albums and had Gigs in Belgium, Germany, UK an Netherlands.

In the meantime i released 7 maxxess albums and had very much fun in some side projects
e. g. Triple S.

What’s next? We’ll see…